Cover design by Brian zimmerman

Cover design by Brian zimmerman

A Falling Knife

Something is Rotten in the Borough of Brooklyn

And it’s not just the wave of glossy condos pushing longtime residents out of their neighborhoods. A construction worker has plunged to his death, and suspicion has fallen on a fellow hard hat for turning a crane into a killing machine. When the suspect does a disappearing act, a pair of unlikely partners reunite to chase him down.

Leonard Mitchell once investigated dirty cops, and Detective Ralph Mulino was his target. Mulino was cleared. But Leonard ran afoul of the system and ended up pushing paper for the Parks Department. Now Mulino drafts him to infiltrate a real estate mogul’s operation and expose a financial scam that may be behind the murder. But when the suspected killer gets tossed from a tenement roof, it seems the price of probing the housing market might just be too high.

Praise for 2016's The Big Fear

"Finely tuned city backdrops and sharply realized psychological portraiture make this a standout among Serpico-type crime thrillers."

— Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)

“Gritty and hardnosed, The Big Fear is as authentically New York as a slice of pizza. Case’s characters know the streets. They talk the talk and walk the walk.”

—Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of Where It Hurts

“Andrew Case conjures a gritty, authentic vision of modern day New York City that makes the conspiracy lurking at the heart of The Big Fear all the more chilling. A striking debut—this is an author to watch.”

—Matthew Fitzsimmons, author of The Short Drop