Raving about The Rant at the Gamm Theatre

Nikki Massoud and Amos Hamrick in  The Rant .

Nikki Massoud and Amos Hamrick in The Rant.

The Gamm has assembled an incredible cast and creative team, which has mounted an extraordinary production of The Rant. The press response has been phenomenal, as seen below. I couldn't be more pleased with the creative collaboration with The Gamm.

"The Rant is must-see theater," . . . "There are few moments in a theatrical production that leave the audience amazed, where the only word that comes out is a stunned, 'wow.' If you can imagine an entire production that wraps after 90 of those moments, you've imagined The Rant." - The Sun-Chronicle.

The Rant is "Powerful and Timely," .  . .  the actors' performances are "absolutely heartbreaking," "fantastic," and "so sincere and real that the audience can't help but put themselves in her shoes. . . . The Rant is a haunting gut punch of a production that should be required viewing for all." - Broadway World.

"The Rant is raw, riveting theatre that will challenge your beliefs and points of view, and encourage you to dig deep within yourself before jumping to conclusions." - Warwick Beacon.

"The Rant is compelling, important theatre. . . . There's lots of good theatre in Rhode Island these days but few could be classified as truly important to see. The Rant is one." - WPRO 630

"Timely" and "Powerful." A the close, of the play Amos Hamrick "steps front and center to tell his own story in a searing monologue that's just overwhelming." - The Providence Journal.

"Couldn't be more pertinent" and "couldn't be more powerful." - The Pawtucket Times.

"The Rant is one of the year's best plays." - Motif Magazine.

"Compelling . . . heady stuff, stuff that is relevant and engaging." - The Newport Daily News.

"Every performance is powerful, haunting and moving . . .  a wonderful bit of theater, one that will entertain, but also make you think." - The Valley Breeze.

"Powerful monologues" and a "phenomenal performance" by Tony Estrella leave the audience "as invested in the truth as the four fictional characters onstage." - Rhode Island Monthly.

"Not to be missed." - Rhode Island Public Radio.